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Saturday, March 12, 2016


AEON GAS MEASUREMENT is a new Natural Gas Service Company specializing in high-end measurement field and integration services, meter station automation, monitoring, and design with a reputation for integrity, quality services, and excellence in customer support. Our goal is to make
a difference through customer service and satisfaction since we take serious
the responsibility you entrust us on every detail. We understand our role as your measurement department and believe that by utilizing our measurement skills and keeping the communication at a high level that we can all enjoy success for the companies we represent.

We are a full service gas measurement company with a full line of products, and services covering from the wellhead to burner tip, and are proud to have the best and most experienced of the industry available to serve you. We have a full Line of measurement Equipment, Parts and Supplies including complete meter stations, Barton or TotalFlow recorders, Charts, Pens, plates, etc.

Our Place, Or Yours?

We would be more than happy to get together with your representatives to discuss what we have to offer your company, and how we can help you be more productive and profitable. We also understand that a sharing of knowledge between your company and the chart processor is necessary for an efficient and accurate measurement plan. We'll gladly come to your place of business and give a brief presentation on how a chart is processed in our facility. These presentations almost always lead to a better understanding of how your personnel can help us give you the accuracy and quick turn-around that you expect.

Natural Gas Meter Testing:

Our skilled field service technicians test and service scores of meters each month, for many clients. With years of experience and a focus on technology, we offer you the best gas meter testing service available in the industry. With scheduled, timely testing, you can be sure your gas measurement is as accurate as possible. What's more, we now offer an additional service that allows our clients to view printable images of our meter testing reports, and gas analysis statements.

EFM chart recreation from polled data

EFM data -
Here at AEON, we have trained technicians ready to install, configure, and service nearly any make and model EFM device. What's more, we've done extensive work in tying our web portal to the EFM volumes that we poll and collect for our clients. Over the past year we've put in place a number of innovative online reporting tools, giving our clients the opportunity to see their EFM data in monthly, daily, and even hourly breakouts. In addition, users can see EFM volume trending charts, and a remarkable new feature we've developed allows users to recreate a gas chart image from EFM data.




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